2014 Eligibility, Rules & Categories

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2014 PRSA Awards Eligibility, Rules and Category Descriptions
2014 Silver Spike Award Categories
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2014 PRSA Silver Spike Award Entry Checklist

Getting started…
Step 1: Review 2014 PRSA Awards Eligibility, Rules and Category Descriptions (link) to ensure eligibility
Step 2: Review 2014 Silver Spike Award Category Descriptions (link) to determine which category you are eligible for and for more about requirements to win each category
Step 3: Return to Eligibility and Rules form (link) for judging criteria (this should be used as a rubric)
Step 4: Open a word document to begin the two-page submission

Before submitting…

Step 1: Ensure that in your entry you have addressed ALL categories in the Judging Criteria section of the Eligibility and Rule form (link)
Step 2: Create a Table of Contents for your entry
Step 3: Write a brief description (100 words or less) in Award Entry Form (the Word document), then combine completed Awards Entry Form (download here), table of contents, submission and supporting materials for each individual entry in to its own PDF, Word document or Universal File Format (each award entry will be saved as a separate file)
Step 4: Pay for entries online with PayPal or Credit card (link)
Or mail checks for payment (if submitting multiple entries, send one check for ALL entries). Check may arrive in mail after deadline, as long as submission is entered in time.

Mail checks to:

C/O Natalie Savidge
4567 China Rose Circle
Reno, NV 89502

2014 Silver Spike Awards – Framing the Future of PR:
Recognizing communications excellence by Nevada media and public relations professionals and stellar excellence of the tactics which make communications work.

When: 5:30-7:30 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 20, 2014

Where: Atlantis Casino Resort Spa, 3800 S. Virginia St., Reno, Nev.

Eligibility: Any communications practitioner who is based in northern Nevada (Tonopah and north and east to the Utah border), the Tahoe Basin or in the Truckee Meadows including north to Susanville, CA.

Program Eligibility: Any program or tactic developed by professionals based in northern Nevada (Tonopah and north and east to the Utah border), the Tahoe Basin or in the Truckee Meadows including north to Susanville, CA. Neither the program nor the tactic need be executed within the state of Nevada or for the residents of Nevada. 

Limitations: Program or strategy/tactic entries are allowed in multiple categories. Winners of Silver Spike Awards, Awards of Excellence or Judges’ Awards in 2013 may not enter the same program or tactic into the same category or tactic for 2014 Silver Spike Awards (some exceptions may apply).

Timeframe: Programs and measurement must occur substantially between Oct. 1, 2013 and Sept. 30, 2014.  Some exceptions may be granted.

Final Entry Due Date: no later than Friday, Oct. 3, 2014, 5 p.m., PDT.

Entry Formats: Please combine all forms into a PDF, WORD or universal file format. Only electronic submissions will be accepted-no more binders or hardcopies! Email, Dropbox or copy files to DVD or zip/thumb drive. If delivering a zip/thumb drive, it must be delivered to Natalie Savidge by deadline.

Via email or Dropbox:                     nsavidge@unr.edu
Zip/thumb drive:                               Make delivery/meet-up arrangements with Natalie
Payment:                                             To pay by check and receive an paid invoice, send to:
C/O Natalie Savidge
4567 China Rose Circle
Reno, NV 89502

Entry Form: Word Document Icon2014 PRSA Awards Entry Form

Entry: Maximum two-page entry summary   

Entry Fees and Deadlines: New pricing structure and early-bird opportunity offered

Early-bird deadline is 5 p.m., Friday, Sept. 19
PRSA Member: $35 for first entry; $8 for each additional
Non-Member:   $50 for first entry; $15 for each additional

After Sept. 19
PRSA Member: $40 for first entry; $10 for each additional
Non-Member:   $60 for first entry; $20 for each additional

Judging: Entries will be sent by the first full week of October to the North Carolina Chapter of PRSA in Raleigh, NC. They will return the entries with the judges’ comments to the Sierra Nevada Chapter by Oct. 30. Shortly thereafter, the Sierra Nevada Chapter will notify those registrants who had winning entries, but the exact awards will not be announced until the Silver Spikes Awards banquet.

2014 Silver Spike Awards Details 

$50-Individual tickets for PRSA members
$60-Friends of PRSA (non-members)

Special table and sponsor pricing is available:
$360-Members seating for 8
$460-Friends seating for 8

Scoring: All submissions are judged on a 100-point scale. Only one Silver Spike Award may be given per category to the highest scoring entry over the quality point requirement. In the case of a tie, multiple Spikes may be awarded. Remaining entries receive Awards of Excellence.

Programs must earn 85 points or higher to be eligible for a Silver Spike Award. If all entries in a category score below 85, no Silver Spike will be awarded. All other entries scoring 76 points or more may be awarded an Award of Excellence. Additional awards for entries include Judges Choice Award and Student Choice Award.

A minimum of two judges from the reciprocal judging chapter per entry is required. If scores are more than 10 points apart, a third judge is needed. The third judge must be an APR.

Judging Criteria:

Research: content and situational analysis to support the need for the program/strategy/tactic
Plan: thoroughness of plan to overall goal
Budget: what was budget and how it measured to objective
Goal/Action: what program/tactic aimed to achieve
Objective: measureable change in outcome/attitude over a period of time
Strategies: specific efforts to cause the change
Tactics: specific integrated communications elements to effect the change
Evaluation: measurement of objective to actual outcome
Creativity:  what was different/creative about the program/strategy/tactic
Quality: level of quality of program/strategy/tactic 

2014 Silver Spike Award Categories
(see category descriptions) 

– Programs –

1. Overall Campaign
2. Special Events & Observances, 1 or 2 days (event or observance occurred in 1 or 2 days)
3. Special Events & Observances, 3 or more days (event or observance occurred in 3 or more days)
4. Internal Communications
5. Community Relations
6. Emergency or Crisis Programs
7. Issues Management
8. Public Affairs
9. Multicultural Communications

– Strategies/Tactics –

1. Audio, Video, Podcasts, Webcasts, etc.
2. Content Marketing
3. Media Relations – Owned: Websites
4.  Media Relations – Owned: Social Media Pages, Profiles, Content Marketing, Print Materials and Other Collateral
5.  Media Relations – Earned: Online, Print, RSS and Other Distribution Channels
6.  Media Relations – Paid: Online, Print, RSS, Digital and Other Channels
7. Mobile/Tablet Apps/Interactive Platforms
8.  Corporate Social Responsibility Campaigns
9.  New Technologies

Sample Silver Spike Entry


 Contact Silver Spike Judging Chair Natalie Savidge, 775-336-9923 (cell) or nsavidge@unr.edu.

Winners will be notified by Nov. 7, 2014 and announced Thursday, November 20, 2014 at the annual Silver Spike Awards Dinner presented by the Sierra Nevada Chapter.